who we are

We are a photography studio that curates an extensive wardrobe collection for our clients. Our aesthetic is both whimsical and strong, sexy and eccentric. We are texture-obsessed, and we prefer a classic, figure-flattering silhouette. To find out more about our work, click here

Returns And Exchanges

All sales are final unless you believe an item was in some way misrepresented. Each of our items are examined thoroughly and steamed before being packaged and sent to you. Missed flaws are rare, but if it happens we always make things right! Click here to fill out a form, and we will get everything sorted! 

New Items

We post new items on a regular basis! We shop on a regular basis, letting older items go as we add to our collection! Stay tuned to be added to our mailing list!

Where we source

You will notice that most of our itms are Anthropologie and Free People brands. Although we have no affiliation with either company, we have discovered that their look best expresses ours. We seek out sample sales, online auctions, comb the racks and boxes at outlets, and hit up consignments. It is a TRUE treasure hunt!


We sell a lot of "sample sizes," which translates to a 4-8 US depending on the garment. Larger sizes are very hard to find at our sources in like-new condition, but we are always desperately seeking for them. We snatch up as many as we can, but they are drastically underrepresented compared to our small sizes.

why is my tag cut?

Many of the brands we sell have unconditional store returns, and let's face it: we didn't purchase it at the store. In that case, the tag is cut so that the dress you purchased at $40 from us cannot be returned to a store for $80. 

Any true flaw will be noted in an item description, but we try not to purchase flawed garments unless they are otherwise spectacular. Unless you wear your garments inside-out, a clipped brand tag shouldn't bother you a bit when you find that item you've been pining after! We love connecting women with their "unicorns!"