Portrait photography in Evans, GA: On the subject of capes

So, how do you guys feel about capes? 

I saw the episode of Seinfeld last night when George's dad was seen in town with a man (Larry David) wearing a cape. 

Shoot, wait. I have just majorly aged myself with that Seinfeld reference.

First, just so you know, I have only in the last 10 years become acquainted with Seinfeld. In the 90's when the show was introduced, it was on my parents vast do-not-watch list. I am a pastor's kid, and back then "secular" media was filtered through the densest sieve. We were known for being big nerds; "goody-two-shoes," if you will. There was definitely a time when I hated my reality, but blocking your kids from what is popular can create innovative thoughts and ideas. We knew what we saw and heard at school (we would ask to at least watch the opening song of TMNT, just to see the gist of what happened in the show), but the rest we had to imagine. We were neither poor nor wealthy, so our style was what we made from what we could get in our hands. My parents' bottom drawers and backs of closets were great for finding vintage pieces. A three pack of men's v-neck t-shirts made for a great background for the cardigan I just picked up at Goodwill, and that free Delia's catalog was my guide for pulling all of my looks together. I was one hot, quirky mess. 

So anyway, yes. capes. How do you feel? Do you feel like Superman (woman) in a cape, or are you feelingmore like Larry David?

This is my gorgeous friend Carly. When I met her 8 years ago, I though she could possible have the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen! She is wearing a beautiful navy wool cape that I snatched one of the last times I went to Final Cut. My husband shot her on the most abnormally warm day this December, bless her wooly-caped heart! 

I bought it thinking it might be a good statement piece. I loved the drama behind the fitted roll-down neck, and the peacoat-inspired buttoning. I don't feel like she looks like she is about to get her hair cut, which is the problem with so many capes. I wore it here, with the beloved Devery.

With the tall boots (Bedstu Manchesters), I felt very french in the cape! My style would be classified as whimsy-boho, and I thought this was perfect for a day shopping (L is going through my wallet in the background). 

Speaking of boho, a poncho gives a similar effect as a cape. Here I am in my Sleeping on Snow poncho from Anthro this winter. I have worn it so much, I am worried it might eventually fuse with my body. 

Paired with high-rise flares and chunky heels, I have adored this poncho. And the cape is a good "coat" option for this sweater, because goodness! How do you wear a regular coat over a poncho?!

So anyway, thanks for stopping by! Please, buy my stuff! I just added a slew of Byron Lars dresses to the sale site at unbelievable prices. You need them. You need all the things. 

Or at least one Byron Lars dress. Just one. 

Hair and Makeup by me at Maq and Mane

Photo by Patrick at Acuity Photography

Cape has no label. Wool cape. Fully lined. You can purchase it (yes, this very cape) here

Love from Rachel. 

MAQ and MANE: An upscale resale site!

Hey, fiends! It's true: we are not new to reselling, but this site is brand-spanking new! Please bear with us as we grow and work hard to make things work! 

We have been selling on several reselling sites via Facebook for nearly 8 months, with an unbelievable amount of success. We have grown to adore our patrons, and many of them have become friends! But Facebook is Facebook, and comes with a certain level of unwanted excitement. We are pretty chill over here, and wanted to have a resale opportunity that looked a bit more like ourselves. 

So sit back, stay tuned, and visit often. We really hope you do! Items will be added almost daily right now!